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Ten Monuments Poster

Your Ten Monuments Poster is available in three sizes: 11x14 ($12), 16x20 ($16), and 20x24 ($20) inches. Ten Commandments Monuments were placed in many US cities and the poster illustrated here is of Fargo's Ten Commandments Courtyard. This poster idea originated when Free-Thinkers proposed removing Fargo's Ten Commandments Monument. Instead of removing the Monument, we photo-shopped nine other beliefs onto monuments and placed them in this image of Fargo's Courtyard. This Ten Monuments Story can be read at A New Universal Spirituality in Fargo's Civic Center Courtyard.

If you would like your city's courtyard in the background of a Ten Monuments Poster, you can supply a sharp high resolution, horizontal-taken jpeg photo of your city’s Ten Commandments Courtyard and it will be placed where you see the Fargo Civic Center Ten Commandments Courtyard. Looking close you can see the side view of Fargo's Ten Commandments Monument.

The Ten Monuments are: Row 1: Blessed are the poor in spirit - Sermon on the Mount; I AM the Lord thy God - Ten Commandments; Praise belongs to God - Qur'an; Row 2: Those who meditate on me - Bhagavad Gita; Recognizing the wisdom of thine own intellect - Tibetan book of the Dead; Row 3: Take care of Mother Earth - Lakota Wisdom; Row 4: We covenant to affirm and promote: The inherent worth and dignity of every person - Unitarian Universalist; Knowledge of the world is derived by observation, experimentation, and rational analysis - Humanist Manifesto III; Row 5: To Learn, one accumulates day by day - Dao De Ching; If there is righteousness in the heart, There will be beauty in the character - Analects of Confucius.

If your city center photo has been professionally taken, you accept responsibility for obtaining permission to use the photo. Shipping costs are added to your order, which when received requires a receipt signature. A shipping street address is required - allow 3 weeks for delivery. If you change the courtyard image, a minimum order of 5 11x14 posters is required and for an order of 15 11x14s, you will receive at no charge your choice of a 16x20 or 20x24 inch poster. Posters are printed on quality photographic paper.

A shipping fee is added when ordering.

01 - 05     Posters $ 6
06 - 15     Posters $10
16 - 40     Posters $15 

After placing your Buy Now order, please put Ten Monuments in the Subject Area and email your name, address, and add a jpeg file if you are changing the city background image to

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